Feb 21, 2021

I am sad to say, it is time to admit defeat.

I'm admitting reality and are no longer maintaining bgp-spamd.net any more, and the systems will stay up until they finish dying.

The EU mirror is gone, and the US mirror is flakey.

I haven't had time to properly take care of them for many years, and my future plans on these simply aren't going to be worked on.

Thank you all for your partitipation.

bgpd.conf configuration
pf.conf configuration
spamd.conf configuration

Spamd-source Server
Coming soon

Route Server
bgpd.conf configuration
pf.conf configuration

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Spam lists suck, until now. Realtime distribution of white lists and black lists for anti-spam.

In the battle against spam, many mail server admins collect and distribute IP addresses of systems that have sent them spam. However, distribution of these lists are traditionally limited to 2 methods. Method #1 is periodically downloading this list from a source, usually a web server - which is subject to load issues on the target web server. #2 is a real-time lookup against an external provider (such as dns-rbls) so your response time is dependent upon how fast they respond or timeout.

This project suggests and implements a 3rd solution: using BGP as a distribution mechanism for IP addresses in a real-time manner.

Having a greater amount of information is, of course, a great boon to a mail server administrator. This paper will show how an admin can use blacklist entries to not only block access from badly behaving mail servers, but, more importantly, allow access from so-called "semi-trusted" mail servers.

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