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bgpd.conf configuration
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Route Server

Here we describe an example configuration for the Route Server. In it, we connect to two Spamd Source systems, and we also provide access for Client systems. Connections to the Spamd Sources are protected. For the Spamd Source peer ``upA'', TCP MD5 signatures are used. For connections to Spamd Source peer ``downB'', we will use IPsec with dynamic keying. The OpenBGPd daemon will set up the flows, and uses isakmpd(8) to manage the session keys.

The following bgpd.conf file is a sanitized version of the production configuration used by the reference server. IP addresses, and the spamd-sources group are anonymized, but the rest is accurate.


AS $myAS
fib-update no
nexthop qualify via default

socket "/var/www/logs/bgpd.rsock" restricted

group spamd-sources {
        multihop 64
        announce none

        # Neighbor upA - John Q Public -
        neighbor {
                descr "upA"
                remote-as 65198
                tcp md5sig key deadbeef
        # Neighbor downB - Mike Bolton -
        neighbor { 
                descr "downB"
                remote-as 65191
                ipsec ah ike

group RS { 
        announce all
        set nexthop no-modify
        enforce neighbor-as no
        multihop 64
        ttl-security no

        holdtime min 60
        softreconfig in no 

        neighbor {  passive  }

deny from any
allow from group spamd-sources
allow to any

# Ensure that an IP to be blacklisted is only a host entry
deny from group spamd-sources inet  prefixlen < 32
deny from group spamd-sources inet6 prefixlen < 128
# Set my own community, so clients have an easy way to filter 
match from group spamd-sources community neighbor-as:666 set community $myAS:666
match from group spamd-sources community neighbor-as:42  set community $myAS:42
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